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The path to climate-smart, net-zero emissions health care: A grand rounds series

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Health Climate Hub


February 16, 2023

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11:00 AM


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12:00 PM







GCCHE and Healthcare Without Harm


The health care sector has a large climate footprint, responsible for 4.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The vast majority of these emissions are indirect, Scope 3 emissions largely derived from the supply chain – especially from pharmaceuticals. In fact, medications account for 25% of emissions from the NHS, with inhalers accounting for approximately 3% of their climate footprint.

To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, it is critical that the health care sector reduce its pharmaceutical emissions. Pharmacists, physicians, and other clinical health professionals are integral to achieving this goal.

The Global Roadmap for Health Care Decarbonization identifies strategies to reduce the climate impact of pharmaceuticals, including reducing unnecessary pharmaceutical use, substituting high emission medications with more climate-friendly alternatives, and incentivizing “green, climate-smart medicine.”

In this session, two pharmacists and a physician will discuss the climate impact of pharmaceuticals, including metered dose inhalers, along with opportunities for health professionals to promote climate-smart pharmacy practice through education, advocacy, and clinical practice.

Participants will learn about:

1 - Why pharmaceuticals make a significant contribution to health care’s climate footprint

2 - How pharmacists and clinical health professionals are leading action to reduce the impact of inhalers and other pharmaceuticals and promote climate-smart health care

3 - Opportunities to reduce pharmaceutical emissions by reducing unnecessary pharmaceutical use, reducing pharmaceutical waste, and evaluating prescribing practices


Date Modified

January 19, 2023

Primary Topic

Healthcare System Adaptation and Decarbonization

Secondary Topic

Climate and Health Education



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