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Action Groups are virtual spaces that allow people to connect on various topics. Each group has a chair and co-chair that oversee approving new members and monitoring the day-to-day functions of the group. As a member of an Action Group, you can participate in ongoing discussions, plan events, share resources and work on projects with other members of the group. While group descriptions are publicly available, the group pages are visible only to members of that group.

Groups can be suggested in any language, and we encourage members to engage with all groups, regardless of the initial language of submission.


Discussion Groups– Want to discuss a specific topic with the community? These groups are all about identifying problems, deep engagement and hearing other points of view.

Project Groups– Have an ongoing project or have an idea for a new one? These groups are the place for the team to engage, make plans, have discussions and find new collaborators.

Advocacy Groups- Is there an issue you are passionate about and want to increase advocacy around? Go beyond discussion and take the next step with a group dedicated specifically to advocacy. Use the space to plan events, coordinate, and build momentum.

Organization Groups– These groups are for organizations to engage their members, have organization specific discussions and manage projects

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Organization Group
Climate Resources for Health Education
Group Status: Private
Climate Resources for Health Education (CRHE) is a global health professional-led initiative that aims to provide free, publicly accessible, evidence-based resources to accelerate the  incorporation of climate change and planetary health information into educational curricula. Building on cutting...
Project Group
2023 LCA Boot Camp
Group Status: Private
The '2023 LCA Boot Camp' will serve as the main mode of communication for the Feb 13-14 & Mar 27-28 Life Cycle Assessment Boot Camp hosted by Columbia University's SHARP Program, Columbia University's Global Consortium on Climate Change and Health Education, and Health Care Without Harm.
Project Group
Climate Clinic Podcast- Planning Team
Group Status: Private
How is climate change affecting human health across the world? What needs to be done to safeguard our futures? What can you do to help this crisis, starting today? The Climate Clinic is a new podcast launched by the Global Consortium in Climate and Health Education (GCCHE) that brings the latest ...
Project Group
Hub Planning Team
Group Status: Private
This node is for the Hub logistical planning team.
Organization Group
Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education
Group Status: Private
The vision of the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education is that all health professionals throughout the world will be trained to prevent, mitigate, and respond to the health impacts of climate change. With over 225 health professional member schools from 36 different countries, we are...
Advocacy Group

- Student Group

GCCHE Student Advocacy
Group Status: Private
As the effects of climate change on human health begin to become more evident in this growing crisis, there is increased focus on the role of health professionals and students. Yet solutions rooted in equity and justice require advocacy involving voices globally -- specifically amplifying voices ...

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